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Some of our products

Ekstrom Carlson has a vast selection of endmills, router bits, custom cutting tools, motors, spindles and spray systems to choose from.

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  • 1F Straight O Flute Router Bit 1

    EC008-BHBP SP

    1F Straight O Flute Extreme Polished Router Bit for SW, SP, and HP – 1/4 x 1 x 1/4 x 3

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  • 2F DE Spiral Upcut Router Bit 1


    2F DE Spiral Upcut Router Bit – 4 Facet End for SW, HW, CW, SP, SSP – 1/4 x 1-1/4 x 1/4 x 3

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  • EC019-FHFP 1


    4F High Performance Variable Helix Endmill with C7 Coating – 3/8 x 1/2 x 3/8 x 3

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  • 4F Upcut Center Cutting End Mill 1


    Metalworking Endmills – 4F Upcut Center Cutting End Mill for General Metalworking – 1/2 x 1 x 1/2 x 3

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  • 2F Spiral Downcut Router Bit - 4 Facet End 1


    Routerbits Made by Ekstrom Carlson – 2F Spiral Downcut Router Bit – 4 Facet End for SW, HW, CW, SSP – 3/8 x 1 1/4 x 3/8 x 3

    $40.00 Add to cart

    KOMET SERVICE® Partner

    As a KOMET SERVICE® Partner, we provide tool refurbishment to their original quality and therefore, the best return on investment for your KOMET GROUP tools.

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Whats happening @ Ekstrom Carlson

We are always working hard to improve the services we offer our clients. Here are a few photos of the great things happening @ Ekstrom Carlson.

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  • We will be at the AWFS Fair

    We are excited to be exhibiting our great products & services at the 2017 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers puts on this great trade event each year. The show attracts over 15,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad. You can find us at […]

  • KOMET Saves a Customer $36,000

    KOMET provided a customer with $36,000 in cost savings with its threading solution! THE CHALLENGE Material: 15-5 PH SS, Machine: Trevisan DS600, Thread: 1″ – 8 UNC x 12 holes per part, Length of thread: 1.31 dp, Previous tooling: Competitor cut tap, Target: Quality threads, predictable tool life and a reliable overall process THE SOLUTION Tomill cut: GWF Cut K […]

  • We can resharpen KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers!

    As your certified KOMET SERVICE Partner, we are authorized to resharpen your KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers! Those who already have and use Fullmax reamers know that they are the reaming tool of choice for a wide variety of operations. Their universal geometry, available in two variants, and innovative, high-performance coating are ideal for all materials. Their modified […]