KOMET MicroKom BluFlex® 2 Precision boring system

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Besides its peerlessly innovative qualities and unparalleled precision, the second, completely redesigned version of our KOMET MicroKom BluFlex® system boasts a sophisticated, extremely high-contrast OLED display and is exceptionally easy to use.


  • Display resolution precise to the nearest micrometere: 0.001 mm in diameter
  • The precision adjustment head can be radially adjusted and clamped using just one hex key
  • Sophisticated, high-contrast OLED display on the precision adjustment head itself
  • Display can be rotated 180°
  • Easy to operate on the touch display itself
  • Additional Bluetooth® low-energy interface that allows information to be displayed easily on a conventional smartphone (at least Android™ 4.4 or iOS® 10)
  • Higher speeds due to integral part balancing
  • Highly sensitive adjustment allows for a precise feed
  • Absolute position measuring system – the absolute and relative positions of the slide are displayed at every switch-on
  • Universal ABS® interface
  • Batteries are easy to replace
  • Fully compatible with the old system variants
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