Mistic 2000 S-Lube Synthetic


Mistic Mist S-LUBE Synthetic Lubricant (Not to be mixed with water)

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100% Synthetic non-hazardous formulation – no oils or hazardous ingredients per OSHA Rule 29 CFR 1910.1200.  Typically used for micro lubrication mist with micro, drip, and limited flow misters.

  • Effective in small amounts – as little as a few ounces per eight hour shift to cool and lubricate.
  • Stable anti-gumming formula
  • Anti-Friction Formula – provides heavy duty boundary and extreme pressure lubricants between cutter and work piece.
  • Improved finishes and cutter life
  • Clings to the tool
  • Transfers Heat
  • Excellent wetting and penetrating qualities
  • Nothing to dispose of – used up during the machining process
  • Compatible with most limited flow, micro and drip applicators
  • Use freely with ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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