Mistic 2000 V-Lube Organic Formula


Mistic Mist V-Lube Vegetable / Organic Formula (Not to be mixed with water)

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Heavy duty boundary and extreme pressure lubricants for tough machining applications. Advanced non-hazardous vegetable oil blend lubricant. Refined one extra step to remove impurities and oxidation compounds. Contains no hazardous ingredients per OSHA Rule 29 CFR 1910.1200.   Typically used for micro lubrication mist with micro, drip, and limited flow misters.

  • Effective in small amounts – as little as a few ounces per eight hour shift to cool and lubricate.
  • Anti-Friction Formula – provides heavy duty boundary and extreme pressure lubricants between cutter and work piece.
  • Improved finishes and cutter life
  • Clings to the tool
  • Transfers Heat
  • Excellent wetting and penetrating qualities
  • Nothing to dispose of – used up during the machining process
  • Compatible with most limited flow, micro and drip applicators
  • Use freely with ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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