Motorpack 4d (100mm OD)

The Motorpack includes almost everything required to operate the spindle including everything listed in the description

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100mm OD, 2 sets of Duplex Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings, Grease Lubricated, Liquid Cooled.

Avaiable in 220 (8.5Amp) or 380VAC (4.9Amp), 40,000 RPM, 3 HP for a ER 20 collet with balanced collet nut

1/2 Inch or Smaller Collet

Locking Nut

Reactor (Recommended between drive and motor)

Variable Speed Drive (3HP, 220V / 3Ph / 60 Hz Input)

R300 Spindle Wrench

R300 Wrench

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Max Router Collet Size