Big Kaiser Angle Head Repair

We specialize in the repair of Big Kaiser right angle drills, Big Kaiser right angle milling heads, Big Kaiser variable angle head, Big Kaiser aggregates, and various Big Kaiser tooling units.  Our repairs will typically cost 1/2, or less than 1/2 the price of a new live tool.  Plus, we can upgrade the original non-sealed bearing design, to a sealed / shielded bearing design at all bearing locations.  We keep bearings in stock for these live tools to allow us to keep pace with our repair volume.  Lead-time can be as short as 2-3 days.

Four factors are of primary importance when rebuilding a high speed router operating at 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.

  1. The condition of the machine before the rebuild along with accurately diagnosing any and all problems.
  2. Installing proper replacement parts including spindle grade bearings and parts with OEM tolerances that are known only to OEM’s such as Ekstrom-Carlson.  We are not simply a machine shop or an electrical rewind shop.
  3. Precision tolerance machinery and tooling including grinding, plating and balancing equipment.
  4. Experience and quality workmanship of the repair technician.

At Ekstrom-Carlson, a complete factory rebuild includes a thorough inspection and a detailed repair quotation based on the supply of new parts from stock (when available). Comparison of parts to detailed prints, when required, ensures that no corners are cut.  All spindle rotating elements are balanced to ISO G2.5 tolerances or better, the best in the industry.  Re-balancing is critical, even on “simple bearing replacement repairs.”

New parts to original design specifications will be installed by our Service Technicians for complete unit responsibility.

Big Kaiser Live Tool Repair • Case Studies

Big Kaiser

BCV4-AG90-13-120, JKH1013RL DR7001436 Angular contact bearing DR7000517 Angular contact bearing DR7000181 Angular contact bearing DR7000024 Misc. Seals / Grease / etc... DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy Inspection Results: The spindle journal diameters show no appreciable wear and are acceptable for proper bearing fits. The bearing housing inner diameter meets design specifications and shows no appreciable wear. No modification is required. The ... Read More

Big Kaiser Angle Head

AG90-CA4SGM/K12M-64 DR7002101 Needle roller bearing DR7002102 Gear DR7000024 Misc. pins, brass washer, bushings, etc... DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy Inspection Results: •The pin diameters show no appreciable wear and are acceptable for proper bearing fits. •Most of the brass bushings and washers are in decent shape. We will replace as needed. •The bearings show some wear on the inner ... Read More

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