O Flute Router Bits Designed for Plastics and Aluminum (Click here to shop our webstore)

Choose from any of our high-quality router bits. Whatever your size or application requirements, we have the router bit you need.

Plastic • Straight flute O flute and V flute router bits for hard and soft plastics.
Plastic and Aluminum • Spiral O flute router bits for plastics and aluminum.
Woodworking • Straight and spiral router bits for woodworking.


We have these downloadable flyers so you can do a little more research.

Why Choose O Flutes and Router Bits for Plastics and Aluminum 

  • Curls and breaks chip correctly during machining process.
  • Geometries provide excellent finish.
  • Higher speed machining.
  • Straight flutes are good for irregular shaped parts that are hard to fixture.   Use a vacuum.
  • Upcut spirals pull chip towards spindle – better plunging than straight.  Good for flat sheet or block applications.
  • Downcut spiral push chip away from spindle pushing product against fixture.
  • 1 flute best choice for most applications and small diameters.
  • 2 flute good for 3/8″ and larger diameters and cleaner bottom finish when slotting.  2 flutes are a stronger tool than a 1 flute.