Ekstrom Carlson provides a large variety of tools for a long list of industries across the world.  We are proud of our product and how it helps our customers achieve their business goals. Whether it be standard or custom cutting tools, a new spindle, motor, or repair services, we know that the integrity or your business and product relies on the integrity of our products. We appreciate the opportunity to see and hear success stories from our customers. Here, we display a few of the ways people are utilizing Ekstrom Carlson and KOMET SERVICE products and services for their business.

Do you have a tool application you would like to share?  Please send your information on special applications.

EC045 Corner Round King Machine

Cutting Tool: Custom EC045 Style Double Radius, Double Ended, C9 Coated

Manufactured Part: Form Roller

Material: 4140 Pre-heat treated, 28RHC

Coolant: Synthetic Water Soluble


Custom EC121 carbide 2 flute straight custom step drill, no coating


Cutting Tool: Custom EC121 carbide 2 flute straight custom step drill, no coating

Manufactured Part: Cast iron block head

Material: Cast iron

Coolant: Synthetic Water Soluble

We finished this tool in 3 days.   Attached is the picture of the tool.  We started with a 35mm blank that was 4″ long.   The max diameter is 1.151.  Shank diameter is 100 inch and the minor step is just under 3/4″.  The point is a precision drill point with custom geometry to minimize wear when machining cast iron.   The customer did not have time to coat the tool.

It worked well, the parts are being shipped to the customer for inspection. We had a scare yesterday, the milling machine had an error and threw the Cat 50 holder out of the spindle, but the tool was ok. – Customer