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Cutting tools manufacturing and sharpening, spindle and live tool repair, coolant spray systems, router and saw motors

Products & Services

Spindle Repair Services

Utilizing our past experience as an original equipment spindle and spindle motor manufacturer, we provide spindle repair and upgrade services that are competitive and timely.  We repair all makes and models from all industries including metalworking, woodworking, plastics, and stone cutting.   Repairing over 600 spindles each year keeps our technicians trained to best spindle repair practices, following our ISO 9001 process controls.  All spindles are re-assembled in our clean room facility.   We offer the highest value, most competitive, spindle repair in the industry.  Contact us for a repair estimate and to send your spindle in for a free inspection.  Click here to learn more:  Spindle repairs.

Live tool, or aggregate head, and multi-spindle head repairs

Live tooling repairs, multispindle drill head repairs, right angle milling head repairs, and aggregate head repairs represent our core repair service capability.  All brands.  All makes.  Fast, competitive repairs.  Inspections are free – Ask us for a quotation.  Click links to learn more:  Lathe live tool repair.    Aggregate head repair.    Live center repair.    Gearbox speed reducer repair.

Ekstrom Carlson | Custom Cutting Tools

Carbide step drills, chamfer and counterbore drills, coolant drills, form tools, step reamers, endmills, and router bits made at Ekstrom in Rockford, IL

Ekstrom Carlson manufactures carbide and high speed steel round shank cutting tools utilizing very experienced tool designers and grinders, state of the art 5 axis CNC machines and Zoller Genius inspection equipment to offer better quality cutting tools at better prices.   Need a new supplier – we can match your existing tool and improve it.  Click links to learn more: Custom tools.    Step drills.    Variable helix endmills.    Match Your Current tool.    O flute router bits.    Router bits.    Tool sharpening.

Ekstrom Carlson | Motors

Spindle motors, saw motors & router motors

Ekstrom Carlson offers high quality motors that function in special applications as spindle motors, saw motors, saw arbor motors, arbor motors, tenoner motors, shaper motors, special shaft motors, compact motors, blower motors, wood router motors, cnc router motors, quick tool change motors, high speed spindle motors, high speed router motors, automatic tool change motors, cnc spindle motors, electro spindles, custom motors, and extended shaft motors.   We can take a standard motor and make it a modified or custom motor with a special or extended motor shaft. Click here to learn more:   Motors and Spindles.

Mistic mist cooling spray system – flow and pressure from low to high with 2 thumbscrew adjustment – made in Rockford, IL

Mistic Mist Systems are considered the most efficient mist systems for a cooling spray.

The compressed air passing through the valve body and to the nozzle tip creates a vacuum in the liquid line which draws coolant from the tank.  The coolant is instantly vaporized and forms a conical mist pattern. At the same time, the compressed air expands absorbing heat surrounding the tool and work piece. The result is a cooling effect as well as lubrication.  Click here to learn more: Mist systems.

We repair every brand.

There are too many to list, but we have listed only a few of the spindles, live tools, aggregate heads, gear boxes, and live centers we repair. Search here to see some examples.

Repair Case Studies

We repair all makes & models. If its broken – we can fix it. Here are just a few examples of the spindles, live tools, and aggregate heads we’ve repaired. 

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