Custom Carbide Reamers

High Quality & Accurate Performance

Ekstrom Carlson manufactures a wide range of made to order carbide reamers to your requirements.   We specialize in long reach designs, coolant fed reamers, and step reamers all designed and built to ensure the highest levels of accuracy for superior tolerance machining. Choose from multi-step, tapered, helical and long reamers.

Additionally, we are able to provide a variety of coatings, special features and cooling systems. This makes us one of the most accommodating custom carbide reamer manufacturers.

1. Extended Reach and / or Coolant Fed Reamers

We manufacture extended reach carbide reamers with options for coolant feed holes as a specialty.   If you required reamers fast, we can accommodate with our state of the art equipment.  Contact us with your needs.

2. Step Reamers

Ekstrom Carlson step reamers are made to your hole design and tolerance requirements.   Let us know what you require and we can provide a quick quotation to meet your reamer tolerances and lengths.