Ekstrom Carlson manufactures and stocks O flute router bits, endmills, ballnose mills, and wood router bits

Router Bits and Endmills

Carbide and high speed steel end mills, O flute router bits, wood router bits, step drills, reamers, and custom form tools utilizing state of the art 5 axis CNC grinders and Zoller Genius inspection equipment to offer better quality cutting tools at better prices.  Email [email protected] for a super fast quote.

Webstore – Endmills and Router Bits Custom Step Drill Brochure

Click on the below links for fliers with list pricing (contact us for volume discounts):

  • Metalworking EkstroMill (steel, cast iron, stainless, etc…..) variable helix high performance end mills

Ekstrom Carlson O flute router bits in stock – see fliers below or contact [email protected]

Carbide and HSS router bits (Contact us for help. We can cross our tools to your tool)

  • Plastic Flier – Straight flute O flute and V flute router bits for hard and soft plastics.
  • Plastic and Aluminum Flier – spiral O flute router bits for plastics and aluminum.
  • Woodworking Flier – straight and spiral router bits for woodworking.

Match My Tool (click here) – Tell us your tool, we’ll match it to our equivalent Ekstrom Carlson tool

Same quality.  Same performance.  Lower price

Ekstrom Carlson – Metalworking Endmills, Drills, and Cutting Tools (Click here to shop webstore)

We stock many special carbide cutting tools and can offer carbide tools, drills, etc…. from KOMET.  Stock at our facility mainly includes standard English dimension endmills and cutting tools of various design.   KOMET stocks many metric drills, english drills, and metric endmills.  Our stock metal working tools are offered in various styles with different features including:

  •  2 flute, 3 flute, 4 flute, or multi-flute designs
  • Square, ballnose, corner radius, chamfer, or drill mills
  • General purpose
  • High performance variable helix
  • High helix for aluminum cutting
  • Roughers or finishers
  • Coated and uncoated

Komet Metalworking Tools – Komet TOOLlife  Program (Click here to learn more about KOMET tooling available from Ekstrom Carlson)

Select from the TOOLlife tool program of readily available standard solid carbide tools. It includes drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning and cutting tools from the KOMET GROUP product portfolio.  Review the catalog and contact us with your requirements.

KOMET TOOLlife Complete Catalog

Ekstrom Carlson Router Bits for Woodworking, Plastics, and Foam (Click here to shop webstore)

Ekstrom Carlson manufactures our own line of solid carbide and solid high speed steel router bits as stock for our catalog offering.   Stock at our facility mainly includes standard English dimension router bits and cutting tools of various design.   Our stock woodworking and plastic cutting tools are offered in various styles with different features including:

  • Solid carbide or solid high speed steel
  • Sizes starting at 1/32″ diameter
  • Extra long tools
  • Roughers, finishers, compression, ballnose, square end
  • O flutes for plastics and aluminum
  • Upcut, downcut, and straight flute
  • Hardwoods, softwoods, hard plastics, soft plastics, aluminum, foams

We can sharpen all your cutting tools utilizing our CNC grinders and manual tool grinders. This includes Ekstrom Carlson tools and tools by other manufacturers.

Need to know more about Ekstrom Carlson Cutting Tools or want us to match your existing tool at a lower price with the same quality?