Live Tooling Repairs and New Live Tool Holders

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Live tooling repairs, multispindle drill head repairs, right angle milling head repairs, and aggregate head repairs represent our core repair service capability. New  live tools are available from Gisstec – contact for a quotation.  Inspections are free – Ask us for a quotation.  Consider our spindle repairs and right angle head repairs.   We can also quote new live tools and aggregate tools.

We Can Do It All

Live tooling repairs, multispindle drill head repairs, milling right angle  head repairs, and aggregate head repairs represent our core repair service capability.   We can also quote new CNC lathe live tools for your needs.  Repair inspections are free – Ask us for a quotation.

Live tool repairs and angle head repairs include, but are not limited to, those manufactured by the below and to the side.   WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF LIVE TOOLS AND AGGREGATE HEADS.

We Built a Clean Room

clean roomWe offer top notch repair services for your manufacturing needs.  To improve on our already high level of service, we have built a clean room dedicated to organization, functionality, and cleanliness while servicing your tools.

Check out this gallery of photos that takes you through the construction process, all the way up to its use today.

  • Most live tools exceeding 0.001″ runout are due, or almost due, for a repair.  0.0008″ or less is the target runout for a live tool.
  • Live tools like to rest as long as they cycle at full speed or maximum load.  5 minutes is a typical maximum run time followed by a 5 minute rest.
  • 150 to 160F temperatures are common when running at full load.

Why should you have your live tool, multi-spindle boring head, high speed right angle head, or other aggregate head, repaired by Ekstrom-Carlson?

  1. Lead-time: 1-2 Week average for multi-spindle heads, including tear down, inspection, quotation, and repair.  3-5 days for right angle heads and live tooling repairs.
  2. Price: Much lower price than the OEM, or the OEM distributor.
  3. USA repair: We repair the unit in Rockford, Illinois.  It is not shipped overseas, as is often the case for various machines.
  4. Parts repair: Where possible, we will save money by repairing motor spindles and gear spindle shafts.  Some manufacturer’s representatives will always quote a brand new unit if the unit drive shaft is damaged, or if the bearings require replacement.  75% of the time, we can save the original unit at less than 50% the cost of new.
  5. Sealed bearings when available and possible conversion to ceramic bearings.
  6. Free inspections.

Including Benz aggregate tool ® , Morari aggregate tool, Busellato aggregate tool, Big Kaiser milling heads, Biesse drill head, live tools and driven tools for Mazak live tooling, Mori Seiki live tooling, Hitachi Seiki live tooling, Citizen live tooling,Volstro heads, Star live tooling, Nakamura Tome live tooling, Haas live tooling, Okuma live tooling, HSD Spindle Head Repairs, Romai live tooling, Romi live tooling, Alberti Gerardi live tooling, Parlec live tooling, Miyano live tooling, Gildmeister live tooling, Index live tooling, Traub live tooling, WTO live tooling, OMG live tooling, Koma Precision live tooling, Eppinger live tooling, Gerardi live tooling, Emco Meyer tooling , as well as various other Tools, Live Tools, Tooling, and Driven Tools.

Consider our tool sharpening services and complete our end mill sharpening form so you may send in your tools for sharpening when you repair your live tool.

Provide  cool mist  with our proprietary Mistic Mist cutting fluid and cooling spray mist systems and nozzles to extend the life of your tools.