Mistic Mist

Cutting fluid misting systems

Considered the most efficient mist systems for cooling spray used in machine coolant operations

Thumb screws to increase and decrease flow and pressure.

The compressed air passing through the valve body and to the nozzle tip creates a vacuum in the liquid line which draws coolant from the tank. (Our tank is not pressurized.) The coolant is instantly vaporized and forms a conical mist pattern. At the same time, the compressed air expands absorbing heat surrounding the tool and work piece. The result is a cooling effect as well as lubrication.

misting system
  • Milling misting systems for milling spray coolant and milling flood coolant
  • Turning cutting fluid mist spray
  • Grinding mist systems
  • Tapping cooling spray
  • Routing mst spray
  • Slide lubrication and micro mist systems
  • Punch Die mist spray for lubrication
  • High speed machining mist coolant spray
  • Drilling Spray coolant misters for spray mist applications
  • CNC coolant spray applications including mist coolant systems
  • Cutoff Saw and Band Saw Spray Mist Lubrication Coolant

Up to 9x the standard flow nozzles

  • Will handle standard flow requirements
  • Heavy Milling
  • Heavy Profiling
  • Single Point Threading
  • Turning
  • Abrasive Cutoffs
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Large Tool and Cutter Grinding
  • Large Saw Applications
  • Stainless Steel nozzles made to extremely close tolerances for utmost efficiency, durability, and effective atomization of lubricant.
  • Solid brass valve body and needle valve.
  • Very flexible air/coolant lines.
  • Corrosion-resistant metal or poly coolant tanks.
  • Fine mesh screen in the air and coolant inlets to help filter out particles.
  • Units are inspected 100% before shipment.
  1. Proprietary Nozzle Design has proven to provide the best cooling and flow pattern in the industry.
  2. Cools and Lubricates the cutter immediately improving work piece finishes and tolerance.
  3. Increases Tool Life saving time and money by providing less downtime from tool replacement.
  4. Less Mess No rancid sumps or filters to clean. No elaborate plumbing, guards, and pumps to maintain.
  5. Nothing to Dispose of Only e trace of coolant may remain on the tool. Most of the coolant is used up during the machining.
  6. Low Operating Cost Most units use only .3 CFM of shop air at 90 PSI. One gallon of coolant can last up to 14 hours depending on use and application.  Costs are as low as $0.02 / hour.
  7. Easy to Install Simply mount the unit to your machine tool, fill with coolant, connect shop air line to unit, and start using it. No need for pressure tanks, air regulators, filters, etc.
  8. Use Almost Anywhere Compact nozzle design, flexible lines, mounting bracket, and adjustable nozzle holder, makes installation, location, and adjustments easy.
  9. We Make Special Models and variations of our standard models to fit your application.