Custom Step Drills

Made 100% in Rockford, IL, USA by Ekstrom Carlson using ISO 9001 quality standards and procedures. Ekstrom Carlson manufactures Carbide and High Speed Steel Step Drills utilizing state of the art 5 axis CNC grinders and Zoller Genius inspection equipment to offer better quality cutting tools at better prices.

In stock 2 flute carbide coolant through drills with TiALN coating.

If we don’t have stock carbide coolant through drills or carbide drills without coolant holes, contact us at 815-394-1744 or email for a quick quotation with price and lead-time from our partners for a possible drop ship to your location.

Custom end mills and form tools  – carbide, cobalt or HSS

Contact us at 815-394-1744 or email for a quick quotation with price and lead-time.

High speed steel 2 flute drills  – for aluminum, steel, cast iron, etc…..

Screw machine length, tapered length, jobbers drills, etc….  Contact us at 815-394-1744 or email for a quick quotation with price and lead-time from our partner, Besly, for a possible drop ship to your location.

Custom Tool Manufacturing

We support you with the design of custom carbide step drills.

Quickly configure your specific tool geometries to meet your needs. You can use one of the inquiry forms on this page to receive your personalized quote, or simply complete the contact form below with your question. No matter what your requirements, we can make a tool that will exceed expectations.

Form Milling Cutter pdf download

step drill inquiry form click image

KUB Drillmax Speical DrillKUB Drillmax Speical 1 Step DrillKUB Drillmax Speical 2 Step DrillJEL Drillcut Special DrillJEL Drillcut Special 1 Step DrillJEL Drillcut Special 2 Step DrillJEL Special End Mill

Ekstrom Carlson is focused on providing high value custom solid carbide and special high speed steel step drills of various styles, for various applications.   We can support customers with the design of special carbide tools. Special step drills with multiple cutting edges and specific geometries, can be configured.   Our custom Ekstrom Carlson custom step drills  include:

  • Special drill diameters
  • With or without through coolant
  • With or without coating
  • Inch, metric, or special
  • Special lengths, long, stub, etc…
  • Various styles (straight, Morse, etc..)
  • Special 1-step drills
  • Special 2-step drills
  • Standard 30 degree helix
  • Custom helix designs
  • Corner radius, chamfer, or standard
  • Straight flute available
  • Expedited lead-times
  • ISO 9000 quality
  • Engineered precision
  • Short and long runs
  • KOMET engineering support
  • Carbide or HSS

New Surplus Custom Step Drills

subject to availability

Part No Step 1 Dia Step 1 L Step 1 Ang Step 2 dia Step 2 L Step 3 dia Step 3 L Flute length shank dia OAL Tool Matl Coating Matl to cut Qty Avail Price
EH121-000228 0.125 0.25 45 deg 0.25 n/a n/a n/a 2.75 0.25 4 HSS None General 2 $35
EH121-000229 0.152 0.25 45 deg 0.302 n/a n/a n/a 3.06 0.302 4.375 HSS None General 1 $40
EH121-000230 0.182 0.25 45 deg 0.375 n/a n/a n/a 3.875 0.375 5 HSS None General 2 $60
EH121-000217 0.0445 0.305 n/a n//a n/a n/a  n/a 0.305 0.125 1.5 carbide none General 50 $44

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