Customer Reviews

We believe providing the best in cutting tools, saw motors, spindle motors, spindle repairs and service at a better price will continue to grow our business in a direction that is beneficial to our customer and Ekstrom-Carlson.

Below are just a few customer comments regarding our motors and services:

Repair Reviews

We last sent a Shoda spindle repair to you and it’s working great. Since we’re not used to that from other companies, we’re sending another one to you.

Motor Reviews

The assembly complete comes in around a pount or so lighter then my PC router was. What a HUGE difference in cutting tool temps as well. The PC router bearings and motor sure put a LOT of heat into the tool. This alone is going to make plastic cutting SO much better.

Cutting Tool Reviews

The first impression was the quietness of the tool. Secondly the dust went into the lower collector and not everywhere else. Third and most important to me was the hope of much more tool life and less load on the motor. We probably cut more than 150 slots yesterday and the tool did not show signs of wear where the HSS tool we tried (by another manufacturer) dulled and loaded the motor down after 100 slots.

Spindle Reviews

The Eagle spindle is running very smooth. It sounds a lot better than before.