Customer Reviews

We believe providing the best in cutting tools, saw motors, spindle motors, spindle repairs and service at a better price will continue to grow our business in a direction that is beneficial to our customer and Ekstrom-Carlson.

Below are just a few customer comments regarding our motors and services:

Repair Reviews

The repair of the spindle worked great.  It is up and working again and all is good.  I appreciate your follow-up to the order.

Motor Reviews

As far as I know very good, Thanks for asking I think the same motor has been spec out for two other machines 🙂 So People around here are liking them.  

Cutting Tool Reviews

We are very satisfied with the products your company continually supplies us. Feel free to stop by our shop anytime you would like.

Spindle Reviews

We just finished modifying the existing machine to hold the Ekstrom motor. We completed a few test cuts this week and I must say that the motor is very impressive. The noise level is much less than the xxxxx and the quality of cut seems to have improved considerably.