Customer Reviews

We believe providing the best in cutting tools, saw motors, spindle motors, spindle repairs and service at a better price will continue to grow our business in a direction that is beneficial to our customer and Ekstrom-Carlson.

Below are just a few customer comments regarding our motors and services:

Repair Reviews

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service for repairing our spindle. It has been a month now & everything has been just fine. I am sure you are used to dealing with customers in a crunch and I appreciate your time and quality of service. I hope you don’t mind that I forwarded your company information & a good reference to my local SCMI dealer. They were very pleased to hear about you.

Motor Reviews

Regarding the SpindleMax 10 Pulley Design HSK63F: Yes, everything is working well. We are running the spindle approx 7 hrs per day.  

Cutting Tool Reviews

You guys have done a super job getting things turned around quickly and your price is reasonable so I’ve got no problems coming back for other business.

Spindle Reviews

The Eagle spindle is running very smooth. It sounds a lot better than before.