Customer Reviews

We believe providing the best in cutting tools, saw motors, spindle motors, spindle repairs and service at a better price will continue to grow our business in a direction that is beneficial to our customer and Ekstrom Carlson. Below are just a few customer comments regarding our motors and services:

Tool Resharpening: Hello Todd, those deburring tools are working out great, I will definitely use you again once we start running low on them. I have another 50 of those cutters that can be reground to 90°.

M2 HSS long flute door router bits for cutting windows into door:
Thank you for reaching out. My latest feedback from our Plant Manager says the tools are working very well. They haven’t experienced any issues so far. We expect the tools to continue to perform without any problems.

Custom M42 cobalt step drill for steel:
Thank you, looking good .

M2 HSS long flute door router bits for cutting windows into door:
Thank you for reaching out. My latest feedback from our Plant Manager says the tools are working very well. They haven’t experienced any issues so far. We expect the tools to continue to perform without any problems.

Custom step drill for brass:
Thank you for the follow up. These tools have met our expectations. As the need for custom tools comes up, we will be reaching out to Ekstrom Carlson.

Cobalt custom step drill:
I’ve used one drill and I will say so far so good. I don’t anticipate needing anymore custom tooling in the immediate future.

Custom step drill for brass:
Thank you for the follow up. These tools have met our expectations. As the need for custom tools comes up, we will be reaching out to Ekstrom Carlson.

Cobalt custom step drill:
I’ve used one drill and I will say so far so good. I don’t anticipate needing anymore custom tooling in the immediate future.

From a happy router bit customer for our EH040 high speed steel door router bit:
Hey Todd,

We are really impressed with the router bits you guys provided to us. They are working great. Not sure of the quantity I need yet. When I do though you guys are the one. I realize you guys have an extra bit as well so let me see what’s going on here and maybe we can grab that one too. I will let you know.
Thank You!

From a live tool repair customer:
Thank you very much!
You guys are awesome, I really appreciate all of your help. We’ve been bombarding you with repairs lately and you’re keeping us going!
Thanks again,

From a happy live tool repair customer:
The feedback for all the live tool repairs that we have been sending out and starting to receive back has been positive from the floor. Which has been a good thing for us here because we were really struggling with getting quality work from the last place we were using.

Fimec saw motor customer:
"Good morning. I have project I am quoting for our CWS plant in Florida and will need a spindle motor to turn an insert head for end profiling aluminum extrusion. I asked the plant for their preferred spindle motor so I know what to start with and lucked out it was a Fimec."

From a happy live tool customer:
Trust me when I tell you, the correspondence I reveive from you and the rest of Ekstrom is far and above what I was receiving with our last repair supplier. I appreciate all your emails.

I actually need another RMA, I have 2 MAT and 1 Algra units to send. Can you help with that?

Step drill customer:
"I appreciate the use of non-Chinese carbide and the quality of tool you produced. It is working flawlessly. Thanks again."

From a expedited automatic tool change spindle repair
Diane will be picking up tomorrow morning.
Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. You guys are awesome!

New lathe live center repair customer: "We were pleased by your work that you did for us on our live center, we would like to continue to send you some, I currently have about 28 to do right now (I probably wouldn’t send these all at once) Wondering if you could send me a quote for 15 of them to be done?"

From a major aerospace defense customer regarding our spindle motors: "In 2006, our company purchased and installed an Ekstrom-Carlson model SM-C 9.5HP (18,000 RPM) spindle motor to be used on a product testing spin fixture. It has been in use since then spinning all manner of test articles ranging from less than a pound, to over 40 pounds of spinning payload. We drive the motor through an inverter using TechLink driving software. The spindle motor has performed flawlessly. We have spun in the hot summer desert, outdoors in the Minnesota winters, and most climates in-between. This motor has run at speeds exceeding 270 Hertz for many minutes, as long as 30 minutes."

New carbide form tool customer: "I just wanted to follow up and say that the custom tooling you provided is EXCELLENT! Exactly to specs and certainly beefy and should last thousands of feet of EVA each!"

From a custom carbide tool customer: "Hello, we recently received some tooling from you guys for the first time and we really liked the performance of your tooling. So we would like to have these two bits quoted with the honed edge. If you could also give me a lead time on both of these bits that would be great. "

Live tool repair customer: "We’re a return customer and were happy with the quality and speed with our jobs last year that we’d like to send you (1) one Eppinger R78683 Vertical Axial Milling Holder for repair once again."

For a custom step drill made to customer print: "Please see attached PO. Please make exactly the same as PO 671856743, the customer was very impressed your quality over our previous supplier. "

Please assign another live tool repair RMA to send a tool in for repair. The last repair is working great.

"Thanks you for the repair on our live tool. It works better than new I think! Much quieter compared to other holders. Even a newer one. I have another SU-Matic live tool holder to send in for repair. Has not been crashed, just has some vibration and noise to it. Please provide RMA and I will get it boxed up add have the paper work filled out"

For Blue Origin, a major space exploration company - precision 4 flute carbide port tools and 6 flute carbide step reamers: "Tools you sent over worked great! Appreciate the quick turn around and the quality of those."

"I have a spindle motor that needs to be shipped out for repairs. Ekstrom Carlson was very fast in replying to my request, straight forward in the pricing, and followed up with a call to be sure we knew what to do and everything was clear."

"The MultiCam service technician gave us your company’s name as a very good source for replacing this sensor and/or any spindle repair that we may need down the road. "

"We had you do some repair work for us on some tooling and we have another we would like done. I have attached the picture of the tool. Please let me know what other information you will need. I was told it would be similar to what we had done on the others. "

"I was at the customers last week. The engineer told me these tools have been running really well. There will be a lot more opportunities with both of these customers in the future."

"We got our drills yesterday and tried them out. They work great and give us a major reduction in our cut time."

Staying after hours to get some carbide coolant through step drills out for a customer, they sent a courier for pickup to get their machine up and running:

"Thank you all very much, we truly appreciate you! More orders are definitely on their way!"

"Everyone seems happy with the motor. I’ve heard nothing but good comments about it. Thanks."

"We have been very pleased with the repairs made and the quality of the work."

"I sure like that SM-C54 motor. That’s a dandy tool. I’m specifying 3 more of them on a traveling carriage."

"Regarding the SpindleMax 10 Pulley Design HSK63F: Yes, everything is working well. We are running the spindle approx 7 hrs per day."

"Once again, you guys have gone above and beyond. We do appreciate that – Thank you! Sounds like you may be able to ship well inside your stated lead time. This is very good news. As soon as we receive the new motor, we will be shipping you the one you recently rebuilt, for yet another rebuild. It has had a very hard life in the short time it’s been installed – A couple of very hard crashes."

"I just wanted to let you both know that we mounted the first of your motors onto our pump earlier this week, and everything ran very well. Because of your support, we were able to ship our hardware yesterday — on time. Thank you again for your hard work modifying the hardware and turning it around so quickly to meet the schedule we needed. It’s truly been a pleasure working with you."

"As far as I know very good, Thanks for asking I think the same motor has been spec out for two other machines 🙂 So People around here are liking them."

"It’s always a pleasure doing business with a company like yours."

"So far the table has been running great. Our motor has no problem running the table at 3600 rpm and it is smooth. Just out of curiosity what kind of glue is holding the lexan guard together? I have had a lot of people asking me that. Also we are thinking of upgrading our existing table, the one with the wood router motor. I’ll be getting back to you in a couple of weeks on that one. The pilot fit was perfect, there was no need for adjustment. It’s a good feeling when you can bolt the motor on and know that it is lined up."

"Ekstrom Carlson not only made it possible for me to complete my project within a very tight budget, but also provided me with custom fabricated components that far exceeded my expectations. Their timely responses to my questions and concerns suited my needs completely."

"Perfect. It’s a go. Let’s not hold this up any longer. I can get a blade locally. Thanks for your help, integrity, and professionalism in getting back to me. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you."

"The SM-C93 is successfully installed and running beautifully as of yesterday afternoon. Operators said they even think that the smooth running of this motor is responsible for a nicer finish on the parts produced last night."

"The assembly complete comes in around a pount or so lighter then my PC router was. What a HUGE difference in cutting tool temps as well. The PC router bearings and motor sure put a LOT of heat into the tool. This alone is going to make plastic cutting SO much better."

"You guys rebuilt a couple of motors for me last year for one of my weeke machines, they are working great, thankyou. we now have another motor on the same machine that is locked up. its the motor that controls the z axis. i need to know if this is something you guys can rebuild, and if so what kind of info do you need from me."

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service for repairing our spindle. It has been a month now & everything has been just fine. I am sure you are used to dealing with customers in a crunch and I appreciate your time and quality of service. I hope you don’t mind that I forwarded your company information & a good reference to my local SCMI dealer. They were very pleased to hear about you."

"I want to send my personal thanks to you and your group. The fact that we were only down one day has a lot to do with luck and excellent customer service. Dan, I am thoroughouly impressed with your quality of work, and attention to detail. Ralph, your hospitality and honesty were greatly appreciated. I landed in Portland at 7:45pm, and we had the router up and running in our plant by 9:45pm. Hearing that thing spin, while mounted to the end our our robot, was true music. You should all be proud of the operation you run! Thanks again."

"We last sent a Shoda spindle repair to you and it’s working great. Since we’re not used to that from other companies, we’re sending another one to you."

"We are very happy with the high speed spindle motor and the router bits we purchased from you. And both are performing extremely well."

"Regarding our Ekstrom-Carlson high speed steel o flute plastic router bits:He said the tools are working great. That’s the reason he hasn’t ordered as many. His customer was expecting to use 200 per week, but they are using only 125 per week."

"You guys have done a super job getting things turned around quickly and your price is reasonable so I’ve got no problems coming back for other business."

"The first impression was the quietness of the tool. Secondly the dust went into the lower collector and not everywhere else. Third and most important to me was the hope of much more tool life and less load on the motor. We probably cut more than 150 slots yesterday and the tool did not show signs of wear where the HSS tool we tried (by another manufacturer) dulled and loaded the motor down after 100 slots."

"We just finished modifying the existing machine to hold the Ekstrom motor. We completed a few test cuts this week and I must say that the motor is very impressive. The noise level is much less than the xxxxx and the quality of cut seems to have improved considerably."

"Your regrinds have worked out great for us, if you have anyone stopping out in the area I’m sure we would have some ready."

"The machine is running like new again. The surface finish is improved. The tool holding strength is also noticeable better because you also repaired the spring washers. We paid for the expediting and you got it done ahead of promise which got us running again fast, so thanks again for your service!"

"We are very satisfied with the products your company continually supplies us. Feel free to stop by our shop anytime you would like."

"The motors are being put into production today on our automated sawing machine. I think they’ll do great. Very smooth and quiet."

"The repair of the spindle worked great. It is up and working again and all is good. I appreciate your follow-up to the order."

"Everything worked out as good as you said they would 🙂 I’ll keep you in mind for quotes when I need to purchase new tools, and definitely let you know when I have more to sharpen."

"The Eagle spindle is running very smooth. It sounds a lot better than before."

"I am happy to reports those step drills I am being told work flawlessly!"

"The first tool tried we have been checking at regular intervals. So far we are at 1,000pcs and both the wear and the intersection burr are much improved. We will continue to run and provide feedback tomorrow. This is a definite step in the right direction."

"We have been very happy with every rebuilt tool we have received from you. Our surface finishes have been noticeably cleaner."