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Customer Reviews

We believe providing the best in cutting tools, saw motors, spindle motors, spindle repairs and service at a better price will continue to grow our business in a direction that is beneficial to our customer and Ekstrom-Carlson.

Below are just a few customer comments regarding our motors and services:

Repair Reviews

The Eagle spindle is running very smooth. It sounds a lot better than before.

Motor Reviews

So far the table has been running great. Our motor has no problem running the table at 3600 rpm and it is smooth. Just out of curiosity what kind of glue is holding the lexan guard together? I have had a lot of people asking me that. Also we are thinking of upgrading our existing table, the one with the wood router motor. I’ll be getting back to you in a couple of weeks on that one. The pilot fit was perfect, there was no need for adjustment. It’s a good feeling when you can bolt the motor on and know that it is lined up.  

Cutting Tool Reviews

Your regrinds have worked out great for us, if you have anyone stopping out in the area I’m sure we would have some ready.

Spindle Reviews

We just finished modifying the existing machine to hold the Ekstrom motor. We completed a few test cuts this week and I must say that the motor is very impressive. The noise level is much less than the xxxxx and the quality of cut seems to have improved considerably.