We offer various types of spindles (pulley spindles, block spindles, cartridge spindles, grinding spindles, milling spindles, drilling spindles, routing spindles, etc…)  in various configurations and sizes.  We have standard sizes and can make custom spindles to meet your specific requirements.

If you provide the application details, we can run a bearing life calculation and make recommendations to achieve the best spindle performance.

Ekstrom Carlson offers high quality spindle motors, saw motors, saw arbor motors, arbor motors, tenoner motors, shaper motors, special shaft motors, compact motors, blower motors, wood router motors, cnc router motors, quick tool change motors, high speed spindle motors, high speed router motors, automatic tool change motors, cnc spindle motors, electro spindles, custom motors, and IEC metric frame motors.    Be sure to browse each individual page to ensure all our offerings are considered.  What we don’t have on the website, we can make to your requirements.  Just let us know what you need for a spindle.

  • Integral motor arrangment for specials
  • Speeds to 80,000 RPM, depending on size and cooling
  • Precision bearings
  • Standard bearings
  • High speed configurations
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Triplex set of bearings in the front
  • Duplex set of bearings in the rear
  • Grease for life sealed bearings
  • Oil mist lubrication is optional
  • C style face for mounting is option
  • Special spindle nose configurations including HSK, ISO, ER style collet, Morse Taper, other taper styles, straight, keyed, threaded, ID thread, OD thread, customs
  • Various sizes to accept various horsepowers
  • Various lengths
  • Dynamic balance to ISO G2.5, or better, is standard
  • Precision ground shafting is standard
  • Drive Motors can be provided with / without brakes and with / without mounting plates

Spindle Repairs and Spindle Bearings

Utilizing our past experience as an original equipment spindle and spindle motor manufacturer , we provide spindle repair and upgrade services that are competitive and timely.

Is your multi-spindle boring head or aggregate head under-performing?  We can repair it for you in a timely and low cost fashion to get you back up and running.  We will save you money on point to point and CNC router station repairs.

Need more info on our pulley spindles or motors – Contact us today: