DIHART Fullmax Promotion

We have rolled out a new promotion with our New Fullmax solid carbide reamer line. Both the Through Hole and Blind Hole versions are now combined with a free Drillmax drill offering, see the flyer for details.

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NEW DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers

High-performance for universal use.
One geometry, one coating suitable for all materials.
Available in a diameter range from 0.1165” – 0.6319” (3 – 16 mm)
Through and blind hole versions.


DIHART® Duomax

Indexable Insert Technology Changes the Cycle when Reaming
We have put our entire wealth of experience into the new generation of
DIHART® Cutting Ring, called Duomax.


  • diameter from 62 -110 mm
  • Hole tolerances of M IT5
  • Use with cast metal, solutions for steel, stainless steels, aluminum and other materials to follow


DIHART FULLMAX Promotion Flyer