Here are some of the many projects where our partnership has helped the customer improve or lower the cost of their process.



Fastenal / Lebanon, KY – O Flute Router Bits for aluminum and plastic

  • O flute router bit for both plastics and aluminum, EC009-Metric006A, 6mm x 20mm x 8mm x 100mm carbide 1 flute upcut O flute spiral.
  • Replaced Micro 100 router bits with a tool that is performing better at a lower price point.
  • Customer is extremely happy and has been purchasing tools since May of 2013
  • Customer has also purchased EC006-Metric006A, a downcut spiral with similar success
  • Ekstrom has continually advised Fastenal of when competitors contact us for pricing on the same tool.


Fastenal / Lapeer, MI – Mistic Mist coolant spray mist system

  • End user contacted Ekstrom Carlson to purchase a spray mist system. MIST 452-3732, a 2 gallon tank system with 1 nozzle
  • End user was advised to contact Fastenal in Lapeer as the purchase location and an order was received.
  • Additional inquiries have been received from the Lapeer branch based on this initial system sale due to the success of the unit.


Fastenal / Menomonee Falles, WI – Right angle aggregate milling head and live tool repair

  • Repair or Romai milling tool for new Fastenal customer, Harley Davidson.
  • Quoted and completed in an expedited manner including pick up of the tool at the facility
  • Repair is still operating well since the repair date of 4/29/15

Fastenal / Glasgow, KY – 2 flute carbide straight flute router bit

  • 2 flute straight flute router bit, EC077-C57CP, 3/8 x 1 1/8 x 3/8 x 3 Carbide
  • Business has continued since 10/2011 replacing Onsrud 56-320 with a better performing tool at a lower price point to Fastenal and the end customer. Performance testing was done on a 2 head router at the customer with our tool outperforming the Onsrud tools.

Fastenal / Paragould, AR – Multiple custom step drills, form tools, and drills in carbide and HSS

  • Fastenal contacted us in 2013 to assist in quoting a job to go in a vending machine
  • Beginning 2014, multiple items were ordered for the vending with repeat business continuing today.
  • All items are custom tools make to customer specifications and requirements ordered in 50 to 100 pieces per order.

Fastenal / Clearfield, UT – Solid carbide edge rounding router bits for plastics / wood / composites

  • January, 2014 – Worked with MWS and branch to displace Onsrud tools with our EC048-162, 1/2 x 3/8 x 1/2 x 3 with 9/32 opening, 1/4 Radius, 0.412 small diameter, for 1/4 sheet, 2F Straight V flute for edge rounding SP, HP, SSP, and our similar EC048-163
  • Continuously ordering in quantities of 50-100 pieces with good performance at a lower price point for customer and Fastenal.
  • Ekstrom plans to visit end user with branch and MWS to gain more business for Fastenal in 12/16.

Miscellaneous joint business:

  • Fastenal / Bay City, MI –Mistic Mist systems
  • Fastenal / Bolton, Ontarioa – Mistic Mist systems
  • Fastenal / Clinton, TN – Router bits
  • Fastenal / Cortland, NY – Mistic Mist
  • Fastenal / Egg Harbor Township, NJ – Custom coated drill bits for aluminum
  • Fastenal / Fenton, MO – EC002 compression router bits are working 2x longer than competition, CMT
  • Fastenal / Grain Valley, MO – Custom cutting tools for fiberglass and phenolic material
  • Fastenal / Henderson, KY – custom drills for metalworking
  • Fastenal / Jacksboro, TN – multiple router bit items for aluminum, plastic, woods, composites
  • Fastenal / Marlborough, MA – 2 flute straight O flutes router bits for plastics
  • Fastenal / McAllen, TX – Mist systems
  • Fastenal / Milwaukee, WI – multiple router bit items for plastics