New Equipment Boosts Productivity

Here at Ekstrom Carlson we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Our state of the art systems continue to offer our customers top tier service and productivity. This kind of reliability is what our customers expect, and we are happy to bring it to them. Continuing this path of support and quality service, we have added some tools that will make your experience with Ekstrom Carlson that much better.

CNC tool grinders that differentiate Ekstrom Carlson

Ekstrom Carlson KOMET SERVICE adds 2 cnc tool grinders to support KOMET distributors

  • Long tool manufacturing and regrind capability to 10″ flute length
  • High volume lights out production – contact us to discuss your high volume tooling needs
  • Precision tolerances maintained over length with traveling steady support and frequent grinding wheel changes
  • An additional re-grinding machine has been added for higher volumes

View 1st video to learn about KOMET SERVICE

Focused on quality and process improvement to provide the highest quality tools to KOMET distributors

  • CNC state of the art 5 axis tool grinders
  • Recently ordered Zoller Genius 3 tool inspection system
  • KOMET trained to manufacture and regrind precision tools
  • Full time Quality Manager
  • Recently hired Quality Inspector
  • 50% completion towards ISO 9001
  • Inside sales support staff added to assist in processing orders and maintaining schedules
  • ERP system under evaluation to help streamline processes and reduce lead-times