KOMET® PCD drilling tool with chip guiding inserts

Drilling tools with an internal cooling supply are usually used for producing blind holes. These tools flush the chips backwards out of the finished hole through the chip grooves. The situation is different with a through-hole, where the chips fall out through the opening when the drilling tool exits the hole, as there is no back-flushing effect in this case.

if the through-hole ends in a cavity – as in the example shown of a freeze plug in water-cooled engines – time-consuming cleaning and checking are necessary to remove the resultant residual chips from the cavities in the component it is possible to prevent this with a new tool concept.

Special chip guiding inserts are fitted in the drilling tool’s chip grooves for this purpose. These inserts cannot be manufactured using conventional processes. The special design of the chip guiding groove and the cooling channel with back-flushing can only be produced using 3D printing laser melting technology.

BENEFITS for you:

  • no chips remaining in the component Optimised cooling channel design
  • Also suitable for operation with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

KOMET’s revolutionary new 3-d printed, chip guiding inserts keep internal cavities free of chips during the boring operation.

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