KOMET Saves a Customer $36,000

KOMET provided a customer with $36,000 in cost savings with its threading solution!

Material: 15-5 PH SS, Machine: Trevisan DS600, Thread: 1″ – 8 UNC x 12 holes per part, Length of thread: 1.31 dp, Previous tooling: Competitor cut tap, Target: Quality threads, predictable tool life and a reliable overall process

Tomill cut: GWF Cut K M#, 0-4, 0 TiAIN H20 head – GWF Cut H 20 x 96 shank, Cutting parameters:, Vc [SFM] = 225, Fz1, [inch/tooth]= .0032, N [rpm]=1094 RPM, Th [time]= 130 sec

– Increased the tool life by 22 times the previous method.
– 132 holes completed before changing head. (4500 inches)
– Reduction in tool changes.
– Stable reliable process.

KOMET’s threading solution provided a cost savings of $36,321 on a 100-piece yearly quantity of parts.

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