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A global leader for highly engineered metalworking tools and tooling systems for hole making, the KOMET GROUP offers you a program of special solid carbide tools manufactured to meet your requirements. Ekstrom Carlson and KOMET special solid carbide tools program is also backed by the tool refurbishment services offered by Ekstrom Carlson.

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Range overview  KOMET KUB®  solid drills:

KOMET Square Inserts KUB  Pentron®,, Ø: 14.0 to 46.0 mm, L/D: 4xD, 5xD

KOMET Square Inserts KUB Quatron® Ø: 14.0 to 65.0 mm, L/D: 2xD, 3xD

KOMET Triangular 84 Deg Edge Angle Inserts KUB Trigon® Ø: 12.0 to 54.0 mm, L/D: 2xD, 3xD, 4xD, Close bore tolerances IT8, Extremely good surface finish

KOMET Triangular 84 Deg Edge Angle Inserts KUB® Ø: 38.5 to 82.0 mm, L/D: 2xD, 3xD

KOMET 2 Replaceable Screw On Cuter Bodies KUB Duon® Ø: 17.3 to 44.2 mm, L/D: 5xD

KOMET Replaceable Head Insert KUB K2®Ø:10.0 to 20.5 mm, L/D: 3xD, 5xD, 7xD

KOMET Central Drill Bit KUB Centron® Ø: 20.0 to 81.0 mm, L/D: 9xD

KOMET KUB Centron®Powerline Ø:20.0 to 65.0 mm, L/D: 9xD

KOMET KUB® Drillmax Solid carbide Coolant FedØ: 3.0 to 16.0 mm, L/D: 5xD, 7-8xD, 20xD, 30xD, specials

KOMET Solid Drilling Catalog  KOMET Drillmax Small Diameters Catalog


KOMET® Quatron hi.feed milling cutter – Plunging, high performance roughing insert tool

KOMET® Qhi.aeQ arbor face milling cutter – Step and face milling for cast iron metals

KOMPASS Milling Catalog

DIHART Monomax® Ø: 5.6 to 40.0 mm

DIHART® Fullmax Ø: 3.0 to 20.0 mm

DIHART®  Solid Carbide Reamers Ø: 1.4 to 12.7 mm

DIHART®  PCD Reamers Ø: 4.0 to 200.0 mm

REAMAX®  TS Diameters from 18.0 to 65.0 mm Bore length up to 5xD

REAMAX® Diameters  from 12.0 to 40.0 mm Bore length 3xD and 5xD

DIHART®  One Way Rapid Set Head Reamers Ø: 9.6 to 60.0 mm

DIHART®  Cutting Ring Reamers Ø: 17.6 to 300.0 mm

DIHART®  DAH Compensating Holders 

DIHART KOMPASS Reaming Catalog  KOMPASS Reaming Supplement Catalog  DIHART Fullmax Universal Reamers

Ekstrom Carlson – your advantage for efficient production

As a KOMET distributor manufacturing custom carbide tools and regrinding tool services, we provide not only re-sharpening and re-coating of KOMET®, JEL® and DIHART® tools from the KOMET GROUP to their original quality, but we also  give you access to the complete range of standard solid carbide tools from Ekstrom Carlson and KOMET, and can manufacture simple special carbide tools to meet your requirements. We provide:

  • KUB Drillmax and Drillmax XL coolant feed solid carbide drills, 5xD to 30xD
  • JEL UNI 2, 3, and 4 flute endmills for universal use
  • JEL HPC variable helix 4 flute endmills for roughing and finishing
  • JEL XH 4, 6, and 8 flute endmills for hardened steel
  • JEL 4 flute roughing endmill
  • JEL 2 and 4 flute ballnose mill for universal use
  • JEL XH 2 flute ballnose mill for hardened steel
  • JEL 2 flute and 4 flute corner radius 35 Deg or 45 Deg helix endmill for universal use
  • JEL XH 2 flute endmill with corner radius for hardened steel
  • JEL XH 6 flute endmill for finishing on hardened steel
  • JEL XH 2 flute Torus endmill with corner radius for mold and die machining and milling
  • JEL 3 and 4 flute chamfer milling cutter
  • JEL radius milling cutter
  • JEL AL 2 or 3 flute 45 Deg helix milling cutter for aluminum
  • JEL 1 flute O flute endmill for aluminum and plastics

TOOLlife Catalog  KOMET Drillmax Catalog

Thread production by helical interpolation within the pitch

JEL®  Thread milling cutters

  • JEL®  MGF HPC Ø: 4.0 to 20.0 mm
  • JEL®  MGF Ø: 2.0 to 20.0 mm with shank side chamfer
  • JEL®  MGF XH  Ø: 3.0 to 16.0 mm Thread milling direct into hardened materials from 45HRC
  • JEL®  MGF XH MICRO Ø: 1.0 to 2.5 mm with shank side chamfer into hardened materials
  • JEL®  MGF XS Ø: 4.0 to 20.0 mm with shank side chamfer for steel machining
  • JEL®  UMGF Ø: 6.0 to 16.0 mm with face and shank side chamfer
  • JEL®  MKG Ø: 4.0 to 14.0 mm
  • JEL®  GWF TOMIL SR / XS Ø: from 20.0 mm thread lengths to 48mm
  • JEL®  GWF TOMILL GP Ø: from 20.0 mm With face-side chamfer and face milling cutter. Thread lengths up to 45.0 mm possible
  • JEL®  GWF TOMILL CUT Ø: from 20.0 mm Coarse picth threads up to M64, 2xD possible

JEL Catalog  Table Tool Selection Thread Milling Catalog  Tool Selection & CNC Programming

Drilling, countersinking and thread milling in one operation JEL®  Drill thread milling cutter BGF

These patented drill thread milling cutters produce a complete thread, including core hole and chamfer, in only one pass. This requires a CNC machine or a machining center with helical interpolation.

Bohrgewindefräser BGF  Threading System BGF Catalog  Treading System UBGF Catalog

JEL® and BASS machine taps

A complete portfolio of Solid carbide, HSSE and HSSE Powdered Metal machine taps is available in a selection of coatings and for all thread sizes.

HSSE taps can be universally used for almost all materials while solid carbide taps in finest grain quality ensure maximum tool life.

KOMET BASS Catalog BASS Tools for Production of Nuts

Chip-free thread production

JEL® and BASS roll form taps

In addition to HSSE and HSSE Powdered Metal tools from BASS, solid carbide roll form taps are available from JEL®. The latter also features the MOREX R HSSE roll form taps with brazed carbide strips. They provide unmatched performance, especially on transfer lines, as the flexible tool body compensates for small misalignment while the carbide strips provide rigidity.

Roll Form Taps Catalog


The perfect connection between tool and machine

KOMET®  Adapters

KOMET®  Adapter range:

  • HSK adapters
  • Steep-angle taper adapters, SK
  • KOMET ABS®  adapters
  • Flange adapters
  • VDI adapters
  • Hydro-expansion clamping chucks
  • KOMET KomLoc®
  • THERMOGRIP®  shrink-fit chucks

In addition to high-precision machining, there is a wide range of applications for KomDrive®  facing heads, such as recessing, process turning or back chamfering. The area of application extends from premachining to the process turning of complex contours. For performance improvement, they can be operated at high speeds, without making any concessions in terms of precision or service life.

A common feature of all KomDrive®  facing heads is that the slides of the facing heads are actuated mechanically through precision ground serrated rack components designed with maximum engagement of the teeth. The radial stroke is limited through fine adjustable internal stops. In contrast to conventional facing heads, the NC-facing head rotation is driven by a central drive spindle.

Sliding surfaces exhibit high hardness and excellent frictional characteristics through nitride treatment.

The compact slide and integral construction result in a minimal reversal play in the micron range, increase the stability and enable hard turning, in addition to an increased cutting performance.

Facing heads are generally used in special machines such as automatic rotary cyclers and transfer lines for series production.

Facing Heads Catalog – German  Facing Head Video

Indexable insert with BK8425 coating

The wear-proof all-around coating

  • 30% productivity increase by enhancement of the cutting parameters, while maintaining  the same service life
  • Suitable for internal and external cutters
  • Tough and wear-proof
  • Suitable for castings, steel and stainless materials
  • Suitable for continuous cutting

New indexable insert type BK6115 for WOEX, (geometry 00 cannot be used for solid drilling)

  • For rough boring
  • High-performance type for casting and steel machining, also for use in stainless steels
  • Higher cutting speeds due to Al2O3 coating
  • Steel and castings up to 350 m/min, stainless materials up to 250 m/min

New type BK6115 Tangential indexable inserts

Optimum matching between the basic substrate and CVD coating for maximum performance in machining cast, e.g. GG25, GGG40, …

ISO indexable inserts range from KOMET® 

The new ISO indexable insert range from KOMET®  is particularly suitable in rough boring and turning applications for steel and cast iron materials, stainless materials and aluminum. The optimum combination of topography and cutting material types ensures maximum cutting parameters, good wear resistance and outstanding surface

KOMET Inserts Catalog ISO PCD & CVD-D Inserts

Besides its peerlessly innovative qualities and unparalleled precision, the second, completely redesigned version of our KOMET MicroKom BluFlex® system boasts a sophisticated, extremely high-contrast OLED display and is exceptionally easy to use.


  • Display resolution precise to the nearest micrometere: 0.001 mm in diameter
  • The precision adjustment head can be radially adjusted and clamped using just one hex key
  • Sophisticated, high-contrast OLED display on the precision adjustment head itself
  • Display can be rotated 180°
  • Easy to operate on the touch display itself
  • Additional Bluetooth® low-energy interface that allows information to be displayed easily on a conventional smartphone (at least Android™ 4.4 or iOS® 10)
  • Higher speeds due to integral part balancing
  • Highly sensitive adjustment allows for a precise feed
  • Absolute position measuring system – the absolute and relative positions of the slide are displayed at every switch-on
  • Universal ABS® interface
  • Batteries are easy to replace
  • Fully compatible with the old system variants

MicroKom BluFlex 2