MT live tool

01300025, 2990-1, 12000rpm

DR7001304 Angular contact bearing
DR7001990 Deep groove bearing
DR7001463 Deep groove bearing
DR7001199 Needle roller bearingDR7001854M Plate & Grind Journal – Manual spindle motor or live tool
DR7002181 Dust grind thrust bearing surface
DR7000024 Misc. Seals / Grease / etc…
DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy

Inspection Results:

  • One of the spindle journal diameters is pitted and worn. We recommend plating and grinding this area.
  • The thrust bearing surface is pitted. We will dust grind this area.
  • The bearing housing inner diameter meets design specifications and shows no appreciable wear. No modification is required.
  • The taper runout is acceptable. Our proposal provides no repair to the spindle taper.
  • The bearings show some wear on the inner and outer diameters.
  • The gears are in good shape and show little wear.
  • The unit will be assembled and tested.