Parlec, 198.15830.000


Parlec, 198.15830.000

DR7001643 Bearing
DR7000973 Bearing
DR7000787 Bearing
DR7001127 Bearing
DR7000009M Dust Grind Seal area
DR7000039 Bearing Cartridge Repair
DR7000024 Misc. Seals / Grease / etc…
DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy

Inspection Results:

•The spindle journal diameters show no appreciable wear and are acceptable for proper bearing fits. The seal area is rough. We will dust grind this area.
•Two of the bearing housing inner diameters are larger than design specifications and shows some wear. We recommend plating and grinding these areas.
•The taper runout is acceptable. Our proposal provides no repair to the spindle taper.
•The bearings show some wear on the inner and outer diameters.
•The gears are in good shape and show little wear.
•The unit will be assembled and tested.