Big Kaiser live tool and aggregate head repair you can trust

At Ekstrom Carlson, we specialize in repairing all models of Big Kaiser live tools and aggregate heads
No matter what speed, tool holding style, or design

Ekstrom Carlson is the best

at Big Kaiser live tool & aggregate head repairs            —————————————————

We repair every model that they offer, whatever speed, and tool holding style

Free inspections, fast quotes, competitive pricing and lead-times.

Lead repair technicians and management have 10+ years of expertise repairing spindles

ISO 9001
We are certified ISO 9001 with precision procedures that lead to consistent quality for our customers.

Balancing when required
We use state-of-the-art balancing equipment that ensures your repair is done right the first time.

All Models
We repair all Big Kaiser models. If it is broken, we can (and have) fixed it. Seriously – ALL Models!

Clean Room
Assembly of your Big Kaiser live tool or aggregate head is completed in a segregated clean room to ensure a perfect repair every single time.

Our experienced management team is involved in assembly, testing, and troubleshooting all unites during the repair process.

Your Big Kaiser live tool or aggregate head will be run through functional testing to ensure its ready for action before we ship it back to you.

We make our own replacement parts in house including milling, turning, ID/OD grinding, bushing, grinding, straightening, polishing and lapping.

We have competitive pricing that you can afford. Better than OEMS and other repair centers. Same or better service, lower prices.

We have quick lead times as standard. Need it even faster? We can even expedite your order if necessary.

Made in USA
All our repairs are performed in house at Ekstrom Carlson in Rockford, IL. We never ship out a repair overseas.

Personal Service
Our owners and managers are involved in the business to make sure all our customers get the best personal service available.

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Some of the brand name live tools and aggregate heads we work on

Alberti, Algra, Alps, Benz, Big Kaiser, Citizen, Coromant, Emag, Emuge, Eppinger, EWS, Gen Swiss, Gerardi, Hardinge, Heimatec, Index, KSC, Lyndex, Madaula, Mori Seiki, Mazak, MD, MT, Nakamura, Okuma, OMG, Parlec, Romai, Sandvik, Sauter, Star, Sumatic, Von Ruden, WTO

More complete list of live tool and aggregate head repair info.