Profile Blanks

Ekstrom Carlson utilizes state of the are CNC equipment to provide profile blanks, form grinding services, OD and ID grinding services, profile and taper grinding, and plunge grind services.


We can grind part diameters as small as 0.010″ and go as large as 3.00 inch diameter on our cnc profile grinders reaching lengths as long as 6 inches.   Larger ground parts are available on our manual grinders.    We can offer sharp corners as close as 0.0005″.   Size, Concentricity, roundness, and straightness held to 0.0002″ or better.  Also offering services for grinding precision pins, carbide profiles and blanks, high speed steel profiles and blanks, blanks for carbide and high speed steel form tools, round punches and dies, head punches, quill head punch blanks, counter sink head punches, head type button dies, and ejector pin punches.


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