For: Spindle types HSD AT/MT 1073-140, AT/MT 1055-055, AT/MT 1055-090, AT/MT 1073-070, AT/MT 1090-100, AT/MT 1120-170 spindles.  Contact us for new manual collet and nut spindles or automatic tool change spindles as well.

Below is a recent summary of a HSD AT/MT 1073-140 spindle repair completed for one of our customers.

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HSD AT/MT Spindle Repair Quote

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DR7000030 Lower Bearing 1
DR7000099 Upper Bearing 1
DR7000039 Bearing Cartridge Repair 1
DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy 5
***Repair proposal R2011311
***HSD, AT/MT1073-140, s/n 2010008626, 3 kw, 18000rpm, 220v, 300 Hz
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Inspection Results

  • The spindle journal diameters show no appreciable wear and are acceptable for proper bearing fits.
  • The upper bearing housing inner diameter is larger than design specifications and shows some wear. We recommend boring and bushing this housing.
  • The lower bearing housing inner diameter meets design specifications and shows no appreciable wear. No modification is required.
  • The taper runout is acceptable.
  • Our proposal provides no repair to the spindle taper.
  • The upper and lower bearings show some wear on the inner and outer diameters.
  • The stator passed the phase and insulation tests.
  • The unit will be assembled and tested.

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