Below is a recent summary of a Umbra Eurospindle 7.5kW spindle repair completed for one of our customers. The customer called in with referencing bad spindle bearings and sent the spindle in for his free inspection. Inspection indicated no further damage and the standard high precision repair was quoted.

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***Alberti Live tool, KZ-1510, s/n 1310

  • R202118 Bearing – angular contact
  • DR7000989 Bearing – needle
  • DR7000024 Misc. seals
  • DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy

***Repair proposal R2011330

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Inspection Results

We are pleased to provide our repair proposal for the subject unit.

  • The spindle journal diameters show no appreciable wear and are acceptable for proper bearing fits.
  • The bearing housings meet design specifications and show no wear. No modification is required.
  • The taper runout is acceptable. Our proposal provides no repair to the spindle taper.
  • The upper and lower bearings show some wear on the inner and outer diameters.
  • The unit will be assembled and tested.
  • Lead-time is 7-9 business days.

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