Below is a recent summary of a Romai angle head repair completed for one of our customers.

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Romai Mapal Angle Head Repair Quote

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***Romai right angle head HSK63A Dual output angle head, 10.2307-1.1, s/n UA0602690, 8000rpm

  • DR7000031 Bearing 1
  • DR7000447 Bearing 2
  • DR7001057 Bearing 2
  • DR7000331 Bearing 1
  • DR7001082 Bearing 1
  • DR7001083 Bearing 1
  • DR7000009 Plate & Grind Gear Journal
  • DR7000041 Spindle Repair Labor And Assy

***Repair proposal R2011338

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Inspection Results

  • The gears appear to be in good shape. No modification is required.
  • The bearing housings meet design specifications. No modification is required.
  • One of the gear journals is worn and undersized. We recommend plating and grinding this journal.
  • The unit will be assembled and tested.
  • Lead-time is 7-9 business days.

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