Below is a recent summary of a Romai W20 repair estimate completed for one of our customers.

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Angle Head Repair Romai 05.2570-1.1 WFK HSK63HFS24 Angle Head Repair

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***Romai, W20-HSK63-HSK63E1B, 11.2963-1.1, 3000rpm

  • DR7001254 – Angular contact bearing
  • DR7000041 – Spindle Repair Labor/Assembly

***Repair proposal R2012433

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Inspection Results

We are pleased to provide our repair proposal for the subject unit.

  • The back cover was taken off to inspect the bearing.
  • The bearing sounds rough and needs to be replaced.
  • The spacer beneath the bearing is worn and will be replaced.
  • We will grind the spacer to have the proper thickness.
  • The bearing journal is worn .0007 undersized – this makes for a loose bearing fit. We can plate this back to size.

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