We can resharpen KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers!

As your certified KOMET SERVICE Partner, we are authorized to resharpen your KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers!

Those who already have and use Fullmax reamers know that they are the reaming tool of choice for a wide variety of operations. Their universal geometry, available in two variants, and innovative, high-performance coating are ideal for all materials. Their modified pitch reduces chatter and noise while improving chip formation. Targeted coolant reduces heat and promotes smooth chip evacuation.

Contact us today to find out about pricing and delivery on Fullmax reamer resharpening. Because the Fullmax is a durable tool that can be resharpened, you will see cost savings in your reaming operations when using the Fullmax and our services together. If you don’t yet have a Fullmax Reamer, contact us to get pricing and availability or to learn more about this great finishing tool.