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  • Spray Mist Systems

    Spray Mist Systems (93)

    We manufacture and offer a patented compressed air supplied coolant spray mist system called Mistic Mist for cooling cutting tools and lubricating products. This incredible design was first developed in 1954 by Aetna Manufacturing. Our nozzle and valve design is said by customers to be the best in the industry. Standard systems in 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 5 gallon systems along with central systems are all available. Various nozzles, mounting configurations, and styles are available. We also offer 4 different types of coolant products. Start shopping below by choosing if you want to search for a coolant system or review our different types of coolant fluids.
  • Cutting Tools

    Cutting Tools (1990)

    Solid carbide endmills, step drills, carbide drills, custom special cutting tools, diamond coated, and router bits. Ekstrom Carlson manufactures carbide endmills, drills, custom carbide tools, and solid carbide router bits utilizing state of the art 8 axis CNC grinders and inspection equipment to offer better quality cutting tools at better prices. We stock standard tools to our catalog and we can make custom tools to meet customer needs. Carbide router bits and high speed steel router bits for use as cnc router bits and woodworking router bits are kept in stock. We manufacture solid carbide and high speed steel endmills and router bits for various industries to machine many types of materials. These tools can be used for metalworking machining, wood routing, plastic routing, and foam cutting. Shop our typically stock standard tools in our webstore by starting with the material you are cutting. Contact us if you require assistance or cannot find the tool you require, or download our inventory list to find products by part number, description, quantity in stock, and list price. Choose the material you are machining below:
  • Motors

    Motors (51)

    We offer the following motor types: • Manual Collet and Nut Router Spindle Motors • Automatic Tool Change Router Spindle Motors • Compact Saw Motors with Solid Shafts • Custom Spindle Motors with Custom Shafts See more details in our webstore by selecting motor type, horsepower, RPM, and collet size or shaft diameter. Then contact us for a quotation, including a drawing, for your Motor or Motorpack (includes a drive and other items). We also have a table based list of options for your convenience.