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We are happy to present a large inventory of stock cutting tools for a myriad of purposes. We have tools with pretty much every specification you can imagine. If its not in stock, we can make it for you – and we can even match any tool spec from any manufacturer. Take a peak at our catalogs to find the stock tool you need, or let us know what specifications your tool requires.

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Click the link below to access our brochures and catalogs. Once you know what you need, you can contact us to finalize your order.

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After review of which tools you need, please complete the form below to place your order. We will do a final review of availability and provide your with an invoice. You can then pay online or through other means set up through our office.

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Abbreviations Index

When reviewing our catalog of tools, you will notice these abbreviations. There is also an index found on each catalog for your conveniece.

1F • One Flute
2F • Two Flute
3F • Three Flute
4F • Four Flute
5F • Five Flute
6F • Six Flute
A • Aluminum
SP • Soft Plastic
HP • Hard Plastic
HW • Hard Wood
SW • Soft Wood
CW • Composite Wood
SS • Stainless Steel
FP • Foam Product
EC • Carbide
EH • High Speed Steel

Cutting Tool Size Diagram

When looking at the tool sizes, we list them in the following order: Cutting Diameter (CD), Cutting Length (CL), Shank Diameter (SD), Overall Length (OL).

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