Live Tool Repair

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We specialize in the repair of live tooling.  Our repairs will typically cost 1/2, or less than 1/2 the price of a new spindle.  Plus, we upgrade the original non-sealed bearing design, to a sealed / shielded bearing design at all bearing locations.  We keep bearings in stock for these motors to allow us to keep pace with our repair volume.  Lead-time can be as short as 2-3 days.

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  • Most live tools exceeding 0.001″ runout are due, or almost due, for a repair.  0.0008″ or less is the target runout for a live tool.
  • Live tools like to rest as long as they cycle at full speed or maximum load.  5 minutes is a typical maximum run time followed by a 5 minute rest.
  • 150 to 160F temperatures are common when running at full load.
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Why should you have your multi-spindle boring head, high speed right angle head, or other aggregate head, repaired by Ekstrom-Carlson?

  1. Lead-time: 1-2 Week average for multi-spindle heads, including tear down, inspection, quotation, and repair.  3-5 days for right angle heads and live tooling repairs.
  2. Price: Much lower price than the OEM, or the OEM distributor.
  3. USA repair: We repair the unit in Rockford, Illinois.  It is not shipped overseas, as is often the case for various machines.
  4. Parts repair: Where possible, we will save money by repairing motor spindles and gear spindle shafts.  Some manufacturer’s representatives will always quote a brand new unit if the unit drive shaft is damaged, or if the bearings require replacement.  75% of the time, we can save the original unit at less than 50% the cost of new.
  5. Sealed bearings when available and possible conversion to ceramic bearings.
  6. Free inspections.
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Including Benz aggregate tool ® , Morari aggregate tool, Busellato aggregate toolBig Kaiser milling headsBiesse drill head, , live tools and driven tools for Mazak live tooling, Mori Seiki live tooling, Hitachi Seiki live tooling, Citizen live tooling,Volstro heads, Star live tooling, Nakamura Tome live tooling, Haas live tooling, Okuma live toolingHSD Spindle Head RepairsRomai live tooling, Romi live tooling, Alberti Gerardi live tooling, Parlec live tooling, Miyano live tooling, Gildmeister live tooling, Index live tooling, Traub live tooling, WTO live tooling, OMG live tooling, Koma Precision live tooling, Eppinger live tooling, Gerardi live tooling, Emco Meyer tooling , as well as various other Tools, Live Tools, Tooling, and Driven Tools.

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  1. Disassembled and cleaned.
  2. Inspected dimensionally and visually.
  3. Quoted for repair.
  4. The spindles are assembled with new precision grade sealed / shielded bearings.
  5. If necessary, the spindle is ground to true the taper, and / or the bearing journals are plated and re-ground to proper bearing tolerance and total indicated runout.
  6. As required, the lower, middle and upper bearing housings may be bored, bushed, and reground to proper concentricity and dimensional tolerance.
  7. The spindles are re-assembled.
  8. The spindles are installed in the housing.
  9. The unit is run tested for 5-10 hours with testing of vibration, temperature, and noise levels
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  1. The condition of the machine before the rebuild along with accurately diagnosing any and all problems.
  2. Installing proper replacement parts including spindle grade bearings and parts with OEM tolerances that are known only to OEM’s such as Ekstrom-Carlson.
  3. Precision tolerance machinery and tooling including grinding, plating and balancing equipment.
  4. Experience and quality workmanship of the repair technician.
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Contact Customer Service for more information on Repair


Make Spindle Job No. Machine Tool Type HP Max Speed
Alberti KZ1510     ER32    
Alberti MCU 1.5 R2014248   Right    
Alberti KZ1513 ER32 R2014241   right    
Alberti MA40 R2014282   right    
Alberti M90-3.5 R2014289   right   6000
Algra Live T13400062     linear   6000
Alps live T32160A07.A0065         4000
Alps live T32207B03 R2014206   live tool   6000
Benz 114FA05400022 R2014285   right angle   4000
Bridgeport head right angle head R2014186   right angle    
Busellato Omlat 9kW, 18000 R2014378   HSK63F 9kW 18000
Chevalier Big Plus 40 taper     Big Plus 40   10000
CMS spindle 00.091292-242 R2014176   HSK63F 12kw 24000
CMS spindle 2260 R2014365     7.3kW 24000
Coees spindle   R2014380   manual collet 2.2kW 18000
Colombo RC73.22 R2014231   ISO 20   24000
Colombo RV110.22     ISO 30 10HP 18000
Colombo RV154.2 440FB3     ISO 30 CR 12 18000
Colombo RV154.22FHT.CPE R2014329     12.5 HP 18000
Colombo RV90 R2014227     5HP 24000
Colombo RC135.22 R2014366   HSK63F 12KW 24000
Daewoo DMV400          
Daewoo 160GL          
Dynamax spindle   R2014309       5000
Ekstrom 327 pin         20000
Ekstrom SM2-C54 2014232   ER20 1.34 24000
Ekstrom SM-C73     ER25 2 18000
Ekstrom SM2–C74     collet   24000
Ekstrom SM2-C78 R2014250   ER25 4 18000
Ekstrom SM-C98     collet   18000
Ekstrom SM2-C98 R2014300     8 18000
Ekstrom 434 spindle pulley R2014322       18000
Ekstrom Spindlemax 5 R2014354   ISO 30 5HP 24000
Elte TMPE 5 14/2 R2014089   ER32 7 kw 24000
Elte TMPE4 10/2 R2014194   ER 5HP 24000
Eppinger live R78752     linear   3000
Eppinger live 4.200.498 R2014191       4000
ESW Live 60.4302.1809     right    
Eurospindle K1375 R2014202   ISO 30 11kW 24000
Eurospindle 681.1107 R2014338   HSK63F 8kW 24000
Fanuc A06B-1463-B128#0721 R2014188   ER collet 1.5kw 20000
Fanuc A06B-0854-B200, #0002, r2014257     7.5kW 8000
Fimec SM2-C93 R2014278   ER32 6HP 18000
Forvet live tool R2014244       7000
Forvet live tool R2014373       7000
Grotefeld 90 degree agg head R2014363   dual output    
Gromax live tool DBRR30-1809-ER25 R2014382        
Haas Minimill R2014252       7500
Haas OM2 R2014200        
Haas SL-20T   SL-20T lathe   4000
Haas VF0   Haas Cat 40   7500
Haas VF3 R2014364 Haas CAT30   7500
Haas VF7   Haas Cat 40   7500
Haas VF7 R2014199 Haas Cat 40   7500
Heian M0205B R2014158     11 kw 24000
Hi-Drill Hi-Drill pulley     BT40    
Homag 12kW, 24000 R2014299   HSK63F 12 kw 24000
HSD ES919     ISO 30   24000
HSD ES919 cartridge     ISO 30   24000
HSD ES929     HSK63F 8.9 24000
HSD ES988 R2014162     15HP 24000
HSD 4kW, 19300 RPM R2014162   HSK63F 4kW 19300
HSD   R2014228   ISO 30 9HP 24000
HSD Intermac Intermac     Cat 40    
HSD SEV AT/T 1090-100 R2014205   ER32 6 HP 12000
HSK right angle       right angle    
Hurco VM1   Hurco Cat 40   8000
KHK KZ8313     Right   6000
Kitamura 2XiF R2014247   ISO 30   20000
Kitamura Sparkchanger 2Xi R2014320   CAT 40   10000
Kitamura Mycenter 3X R2014319   CAT 40   10000
Koma KH1015700 R2014353       6000
KSC live tool T32214B03 R2014213   right   6000
KSC live tool T32121A04 R2014198        
KSC live tool T32008A08, X21 R2014286   linear    
KSC live tool T32114A04 R2014292   right    
KSC live Tool T32214A04 R2014302   right    
KSC live tool T32214B01 R2014307   right    
Madaula P.023.00002 live tool, right angle R201284   right    
Mazak horizontal live 5362010701 R2014259   right    
Mazak live 610 right angle     Right    
Mazak live right angle live          
Mazak live SQL640     Right    
Mazak live too right angle live          
Mazak live tool PJ7048     right    
Mazak live tool PA7068     right    
Mazak live tool v type R2014225       4500
Mazak live tool SQT5350040 R2014223   rigth    
Mazak live tool H type tool R2014226   right   4500
Mazak live tool horizontal R2014304   right    
Mazak live tool 53828010101 R2014314   right    
Mazak MTV 414/22 R2014310   Cat 40   7000
Mazak H400N spindle R2014327       10000
Mazak VTC30C R2014330       8000
Mazak VTC200 R2012273       12000
Mimatic live 124034     live tool   6500
Mimatic live 06.0311.7351.640 right angle live         5200
Miyano pulley spindle R2013498       6000
Mori Seiki Live T32004A06     linear live tool    
Mori Seiki Live T32004A07 R2014269   live tool   3000
Mori Seiki Live T32207B03 R2014206   live tool   6000
Mori Seiki Live T32214B02 5J-091 R2014170   live tool   6000
Mori Seiki Live T32214B)2 R2014095   live tool   6000
Mori Seiki Live T32118A08 R2014340   live tool   4000
Mori Seiki live T32106B11 R2014339   live tool   4000
MT right live tool MT live tool MTA 4958-3.2 R2014254   live tool   6000
MT linear live tool MTA 6548-3.1 R2014311   live tool   6000
MT dual quad outle dual quad outlet mnl0234425 R2014318   quad head   6000
MT gear hobber MTA0618-1, MNL0152100 R2014328   gear hobber   3000
Nakanishi spindle BM319 R2014168   collet   30000
OKK HM-4     Cat 40   12000
Okuma MX45 MX4 R2014246   Cat 40 taper   7000
Okuma live tool 708005 R2013510        
Oliver grinder Pulley spindle R2014245   shaft    
Omlat 15 kW, 10000 RPM     Stone cuttiing 15kw 10000
Omlat 7.5kW, 18000     iso 30 7.5kw 18000
Omlat 12W, 24000 R2014181   HSK63F 12kW 24000
Omlat 12kW, 24000 R2014167   HSK63F 12kW 24000
Omlat 12kW, 18000 R2014291        
Omlat   R2014229   ISO 30   18000
Omlat 9kW, 18000 R2014229   ISO 30 9kW 18000
Omlat Busellato 9kW, 18000 R2014378   HSK63F 9kW 18000
Onsrud 1124 pulley spindle R2014197   collet   20000
Perske VS60     collet 7 21190
Perske FRL90     collet   18000
Perske KRSV 51.14.2D     collet   18000
Perske KRSV 61.13.28     collet 4.4 kw 18000
Perske VS31.09-24     collet   28300
Perske VS50.09-2 R2014195   R03520 collet 4 HP 23500
Pope C323U R2014196   shaft   3400
Red Head U-39756 R2014187   shaft   7000
Romai S7-HSK63-ER32-C3C R2014139   right angle   8000
Romai WFK HSK63/HFS24 R2014138   right angle   6000
Romai HSK63–ER32-C3C, NPM 43-850-0116R R2014218   right angle   8000
Romai G7-2-CAT 50-FD22-E2F R2014297   right angle   8000
Sandvik C6TR1M250V R2014222        
SCM T150 shaper R2013293   shaft    
SCM 10HP, 18000 R2014178   iso 30   18000
SFJ spindle PFS-44x R2014203   shaft   4500
SLF Spindle 578472 R2014160   solid shaft   12000
SMZ   R2014341   HSK63F   24000
Takisaway GM81988-619 1159, LS8, R2014351       5000
Techniks   R201437        
Tecnara right angle CAT50, 150-160-8 R2011179   cat 50   2500
Tornos Deco 26A R2014570        
Umbra 4kW 4kW, 32000 RPM R2014169    HSK40   32000
Unison pulley pulley grinding spindle R2014283       3400
Volstro R3151 R2014185        
Von Ruden DT10111400211     live tool    
Weeke SMZ SMZ R2014266     7.5kW 24000
Whitnon pulley 235PSS R2014189   pulley spindle    
WTO 410520379     live tool    
WTO live Live     live tool    
WTO live, 10520027-60 R2014258   live double end right angle
WTO live 410120155 R2014265   live tol    
WTO live 410516072-25, K110712-1.3 R2014316   live tool    
WTO live straight 41012027-2-40, K12-00698 R2014371   live straight tool